Elissa's Emergency Bundles™ were a response to the shock transition to online piano teaching, back in 2020.

Teachers needed:
 • music students can learn on their own
 • music students want to play
 • music that is easy to send to students digitally
 • music that can be easily taught in an online piano lesson
 • music that teaches something at the same time as sounding and feeling great

And all of that is what we still need today!

This is the ORIGINAL "emergency bundle", and its pieces were written as a kind of homage to the suffering of the people of New York City in those earliest weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each piece is based on the exact same 16-bar blues pattern, and each piece explores one specific interval. These variations pack in opportunities for pianistic and musical growth in each single piece, and the compact nature of these pieces allows for almost infinite flexibility in the online lesson.

Read on for more details!

What's in THIS bundle?

Five Fabulous Pieces

"Forty-Fourth Street"
by Anita Milne,
plus 4 more pieces,
variations by Elissa Milne
based on Anita's original composition.

These 5 pieces are all about noticing,
performing, and recognising intervals.

Whether it's 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, or 6ths
you want your students to master,
we've got you covered!

Teaching Resources

Rhythm cards you can use to support learning the piece
for theory games and composition.

Organised to match each piece
in the mini-bundle.

Includes both 1-bar and 2-bar
rhythmic patterns.

Composition Resources

Each piece has been composed using the same 16-bar blues harmonic pattern,
making this collection a valuable tool
for composition lessons!

Use the full collection of pieces
as a stimulus for more advanced
students who want (and/or need!)
a creative outlet right now.

to make your life easy

Your bundle includes access to
each piece as an individual PDF.
especially so that you can send each student exactly what they need,
when they need it.

The rhythm cards for each piece are also available as a separate PDF,
providing maximum flexibility
in how you use these resources
with your students. 

(in the full bundle)

The full bundle includes the pieces from the mini-bundle, plus pieces featuring:
• minor 2nds

• minor 3rds
• augmented 4ths
• minor 6ths
• minor 7ths
• major 7ths
and a range of moods and intensities

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 11.16.48 pm

Some pieces in the full bundle are
suitable for elementary students,
some pieces are more appropriate
for pianists at an intermediate level.

Taken together, the full suite becomes
a kaleidoscopic concert work
for early advanced students.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 11.14.44 pm
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    “Your students will LOVE these pieces!”

44th Street Mini-Bundle


5 one-page pieces
(featuring 2nds, 3rds,
4ths, 5ths, and 6ths)

60 Rhythm Cards
(12 cards for each of the 5 pieces)

• make unlimited copies
• share unlimited times

Full Bundle Option


17 pocket-rocket teaching pieces: 

The complete 44th Street Mini-Bundle
(5 pieces + 60 Rhythm Cards)
an additional 12 pieces, 
composed by Elissa Milne

~ suitable for elementary
to early advanced students

~ featuring minor, major,
and augmented intervals

expanded teaching resources

• make unlimited copies
• share unlimited times

access to additional support for teaching composition

access to additional surprise bonuses

Anita Milne

began composing after four decades of experience as a music educator/piano teacher, and performer. Her pieces "Shiver Me Timbers", "Who's There?", and "Walkabout" are Australian piano teaching favourites. "Forty-Fourth Street" is her first piece to be available to teachers outside of the southern hemisphere.

Anita is a Kiwi (she's from Christchurch) but has called Australia home since the mid-1980s. She's also Elissa and Suzanne's mum.

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 2.44.40 pm

Elissa Milne

is the composer of the Little Peppers and Pepperbox Jazz series, author of the Getting to and P Plate Piano series, founder of the grass-roots 40 Piece Challenge movement, creator of the Chord Challenge, a speaker, writer, singer-songwriter, occasional blogger, and piano teacher.

Elissa is Australian (she was born in Sydney), but she feels like she's at least half Kiwi, since New Zealand is where she grew up.