What's in THIS bundle?

One Early-Advanced Piece

"Against the Rule"
by Elissa Milne

This piece is an arrangement of
a very, very well-known tune,
and has been constructed
by using ONLY minor chords throughout.

Suitable for early advanced students.

Teaching Resources

to support learning the piece

for analysis
for composition activities
for learning to read chord symbols!

Teaching Notes/Professional Development ONLINE Workshop (coming soon)

An online workshop for teachers, exploring:
• the harmonies used in 
Against the Rule

• how to read and write chord symbols 
for the complex chords used in 
Against the Rule

• how to support students in mastering 
the groove and syncopation

in Against the Rule

• ideas for using Against the Rule
as a stimulus for student composing

The workshop will be held online in real time,
so teachers can join in live,
and will then be available
inside the bundle
for you to view at a time that suits you,
as often as you like

 more detail here.

Studio Licence

Yours to use
with as many students as you like,

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AGAINST THE RULE BUNDLE (including studio licence)


1 early advanced piano solo

15 Chord Cards
(every chord that is used in the piece)

1 online professional development workshop
with Elissa Milne
• teaching tips
• performance tips
• chord chart workshop
• composition ideas
(available live + unlimited replay)

• make unlimited copies
• share unlimited times


Elissa Milne

is the composer of the Little Peppers and Pepperbox Jazz series, author of the Getting to and P Plate Piano series, founder of the grass-roots 40 Piece Challenge movement, creator of the Chord Challenge, a speaker, writer, singer-songwriter, occasional blogger, and piano teacher.

Piano students around the globe have been learning and performing Elissa's music since the start of the century, and her work is included in numerous anthologies.

Elissa is Australian (she was born in Sydney), but she feels like she's at least half Kiwi, since New Zealand is where she grew up.